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GO HERE KTHNX -- dorkoftime

I'm a dork and decided I needed a fresh start. So there you go. Add me if you dare/want/are my friend etc. Urrrm. Not much else to say. I imagine I'll get around to adding you all at some point :P


It's talk like a pirate day, omg.

And, well~p, I should be getting my monitor back tomorrow, so that's good news :D However I also have to get up at some godforsaken hour to go downtown for a stupid experiment thing I -need- to participate in to pass my psych course *sighhhhhhh* ... and I was invited to a cocktail party after class... which'll be a problem, since a) I'll be tired beyond belief b) It starts way before I even finish classes and c) I don't bloody own anything even remotely cocktail-party-worthy. Blergh. Plus I don't know more than half the people and and am retardedly 'shy' in those situations -.-; I'll probably force myself to go, and will likely enjoy it... since that's what usually happens ... that or I feel totally awkward. *hopes for the former*

School's been prettyyy good so far. I just really ... dislike ... Fundamentals of Nutrition. The prof has no idea about his -own- subject, jebus. Every five minutes he's like '... I think.' and... blergh. Not going into it. kthnx. I reaaaaally wish I had passed that damn course -last- year ;-;

I'm also considering playing with my hair color again. I told my mom I was thinking of getting purple streaks, and she said something to the effect of 'homfg ew', so I asked if she'd rather I get -pink-, and she actually said yes...? XD Wow. ... I'd really want blue this time though... but it turns icky green ;-;

Annnd... wow. This has been left unposted for over six hours now. Seriously. Woops. x.x;

~Quick post~

Mkay. Like most of you know (I think), my screen keeps crapping out on me, and it's getting worse and worse... Like today I'm lucky if it goes more than 5 mins. without going blank. -.-
Anyway, if I'm not online for a while... It's because we sent it off to get fixed. That or it's completely dead and I'm looking for a replacement >__>;

So yeah. *grumblegrumble*

School... 'n stuff. YAY.

Like, omg, school starts tomorrow. WTF. I don't think the realization has hit me yet... and probably won't until halfway through the semester -.-; First class is Physical and Biological Aspects of Pollution. Yayyy! ... I hope it's not one of those in-depth overloaded courses with bunches of projects/whatnot to do >.> Errrm... then I have Fundamentals of Nutrition, because it's required... blegh. Haha and that's alllll I have. On WEDNESDAY I've got Animal Learning & Theory, which is a psych course and sounds SO awesome, followed by Evolution & Systematics, which is taught by the most hilarious teacher EVER. ... and yeah, those're the only two classes on that day as well.
Annnd Monday=Wednesday=Friday, Tuesday=Thursday. So. Basically I have two classes per day. And NO ridiculously long labs (though I gotta admit some of them are a lot of fun). Woooot. :D

In other news, Saturday was Mike-uu's surprise birthday party. Annnd... I have just a few words to say regarding that. LIMO. BOOZE. INDIAN FOOD. ... yup. ^____^ Oh. and REDUCED MILK BALLS. fufufufufu. XD

Errrm. And my computer screen is an asshole. Yeah.


Long overdue entry x.x

I finally got to go see Harry Potter (erm, actually it was before last entry I believe), which was awesome. In my opinion though they skipped too much from the book (and there shoulda be a lot more Tonks >.> she says like, what, ONE sentence? x.x), but whatever. It was still good. ... I also started re-reading the series again. Or, I should say, I read Philophoser's Stone. And now I'm re-reading The Golden Compass. Can't wait for that movie to come out :3

Errrm and I have officially become a hermit -.-;; All I do all day is sleep, play video games, and surf the internet... and walk my dog. My social life is inexistent, and I don't even have a job. It's pretty sad... >.> Thankfully I'll be starting school again after Labour Day so there will be -some- substance to my life. Oi. @.@

Ohhh and Rune Factory came in yesterday, conveniently the day we had a power failure. ... It's an awesomely addicting game, just like the rest of the Harvest Moon games ^___^ And there's a woman named Sabrina in it XD Too bad she can't become a love interest >>;

Annnd starting tonight, I'm learning how to crochet! Yeeeayyyy~! I wish I had started at the beginning of summer, 'cause ... yeah. I woulda had something to pass the time. Blergh.

Ebay is love :3

Heehee. I just bought Rune Factory (which just came out Aug. 14th) for $24 US ($26 Can) on Ebay, whereas at BestBuy it's $39.99 Can. >X3 Can't wait for it to get here, it looks like so much fun! :D For those of you who -don't- know what the hell it is, it's part of the Harvest Moon Series, and it's fantasy-based. :3 Annnd it's on the DS. Yesh, my 2nd DS game XDDD

I was also tempted to buy Digimon World DS, and Pokemon Ranger, and Chocobo Tales, and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (among others) ... but managed to practice SOME willpower. Eheh. Once I get a job I'll be less stingy ^^;;;

Also. I spent the -entire- day yesterday organizing my music, which up until now was spread out all over my computer and a lot of the filenames where all retarded and I had doubles of some songs and... stuff. But it's all better now :3 I feel accomplished. Wootwoot.

Actually, I did take a break to make cupcakes - well, actually they were more like chocolate cakes in icecream cones (they're SO cool omg). I'd take a picture to make you all jealous but I'm too lazy X3


Right so. Yesterday the family had a 'girl's night out' thing and we went to go see Stardust (which was quite an enjoyable movie - omg Tristan's smile = d'awwwwww <3). And yeah, we usually never get food there 'cause it's so damned expensive, but this time we decided to go all out and buy the biggest size popcorn there, the one which comes with a free refill policy X3

I learned a very important lesson last night. Just because you -can- get a refill doesn't mean you -have- to, and it probably isn't a good idea if the size of the bag is already triple the size of what your stomach can take (though I shared with my mommy) x.<

Blargh. So when I got home I promptly flopped down on my bed in an exaggerated display of my feeling of near-explosion, and my monster cat decided he make good use of my whale-like position and made a bed out of me @.@ So I couldn't move. And wound up falling asleep. This was at around 10:00.

I woke up at 12:30 -today- ... wtf. Had an apple for lunch then felt stuffed again >.>


... At least until the impulse strikes again ...



Ever been in one of those phases where you want to do NOTHING except mope around and be lazy and not even wanna talk to people? -.-;;; Yeahhhh that's me. Right here. Right now. I need school to start, or something; some sort of -schedule- to my life. Blegh.

Moving right along, I got 81% in my summer course. I suppose I should be happy, but I was kinda hoping for 85+. 'cause that would get me an A. Buuut, no, ended up with an A-. ... I guess that's okay.

btw, happy AkuRoku day @.@


... I hate babysitting... kthnx.

What I hate even more? Being called an hour and a half before the required babysitting time. ... and just as an added bonus, after having just prepared the most awesome dessert ever, though that's the least of the issue T.T I am not even going to -attempt- to put into the words the hell I was put through during the actual babysitting, oi. Suffice to say the kid is not human, oh no. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the spawn of the devil. Seriously. I was literally ready to shoot myself. BLARGH.

Why am I even babysitting anymore? -.-;;;


I need a job.

Otakuthon ~ report & pics!!

First off, pics here -> http://s187.photobucket.com/albums/x257/kittyzex/Otakuthon%202007/

Most of them are of the KH/Final Fantasy photoshoot, as well as Mike-uu and I ^^

~~And nowww the report~~Collapse )

So that's about it. Yuh-huh! Oh, and there's a convention in Ottawa this November which we're gonna try go to... AC-Cubed *glee*